Stories of an italo-american Maialin Ep.5 – Maialin wasn’t in grad to help Jim Morrison



maialin1maialin2Maialin prepared him to combatt the infermiers and liberar Jim. He prended a big laser spad and ritorned in the hospital. The scene was very disgustos: Jim was in ostage of a big, gigant, super luridus infermier-godzilla that tegned in his zamps the cantant. Maialin proved to tagliar the zamp but the laser spad didn’t riesc a tagliar it. Ancor and ancor Maialin proved to make male to infermier-godzilla but nothing sembred scalfir it.

maialin3Maialin was stremed and very stanc. “What I dev to do? What?!” he pensed. And Maialin capisced: he dovev trasformar himself in super-sayan-Maialin-ultra-figus-gnagna-brutal-fighting-terompoerculo! Yes, he will tranform in SSMUFGBFT and finally he avrebb saved Jim!… He inizied to urlar like Goku, like quand a big sass pest your pied.

Conscius of his possibilities, Maialin si prepared and inizied to gridar “Ka-Me-A-Me…” But he didn’t riesc a concluder the fras because the infermier-godzilla colpisced him and scaravented him tant but tant kilometers lontan from the hospital… Maialin wasn’t in grad to hel Jim Morrison and, stremed, s’addormented… but not sol.

Who is this new personage that is comparsed? You will discover in the next episode: A NEW AMIC… MA VERY VERY MORE CHE AN AMIC!

Stories of an italo-american Maialin Ep.3 – Maialin goes to disintossicar himself


This episode esc so tard because the scrittor was very impegned in many altre things. The scritttor asks sorry for the ritard.

In the scors episode we vid that the Maialin was sott the effect of LSD and caded from ten mila milion of meters.


maialin1He si sveglied in a white room. He pensed he was in paradis because he was dead. At one trat someone entred in the room. A beautiful gnocca vestit of infermier s’avvicined to him and said:

“Hey, Maialin… com’ te ste?”

And maialin risposed: “eee… so and so”

maialin3The beautiful gnocca tocched his front and the maialin feeled very happy. She passed her hand on Maialin’s gamb and then on his seder. Now Maialin feeled very excited. He had never met a so beautiful gnocca in his life. The only sexual experience he avev had was with a cricetin that abitav lung his street. Maialin chiuded his eyes, aspettand the moment quand the beautiful gnocca avrebb kissed him…

maialin2But improvvisament he sented a big dolor in his culett. He apred the eyes and vid: the beautiful gnocca wasn’t a real gnocca: she was a big cess! In realty she was only a cattiv infermier of the center dentr cui he was ricovered! He was ancor sott the effect of LSD and tut the experiences he proved were only a part of his immagination.

Maialin salted up and began to corr away from the room. He dovev scappar!

Will maialin can run away from the center of disintossication? You will see in the next episode: CORR MAIALIN, COOOORR!

The scrittor underlines that Megan Fox isn’t in alcun mod associated or authorized her compars in this story.