There was, tant years fa, a salumery in America, pien of salams, prosciutts and many altr leccornies. It’s padron was a burber salumiery that odiaved all his maialins.

One dai he compered a vecch maialin, a special maialin…

Prim thet he macellass him, the maialin urled: “Ferm yourself!”

The salumiery didn’t capisc very ben what was accadend and fermed himself. The maialin parled ancor: “Thank you. I’m the Italo-American Maialin and I want to ask you a favor. Perfavor, help me to…”

But the salumiery didn’t lasc him to termin the fras and killed him. In fond, it was only a maialin, and he odiaved it. Quind he prended the mort maialin and macelled and insacched it in a salamin, pront for the stagionatury.

Passed qualc mes and of maialin non rimaned neppur the ricord. But one night a strange composition of atmospheric inquinament and nuclear contamination colpisced the “Sala Stagionatura” of the salumery and at the improvvis something special accaded. The salamin was viv!

Quest are the Chronicles of an Italo-American Salamin!

Anteprim Ep.1

If you are chieding yourself com Maialin arrived in the salumery, vuol say that you didn’t capisc nient of  “Stories of an Italo-American Maialin“: quest stories don’t have any sens, quind don’t cerc a logic significat in them. Dett quest, we can start the prim episode…

Stories of an Italo-American Salamin Ep.1 – The vendett of the mort maialin. In arriv prest…